Why DTG Printing Is Preferred To Others


Technology has really developed in recent times such that almost everything now seems to have a machine/system that makes the work more easier. Surely, we can all attest to the fact that since the advent of technology there has been a great increase in output. The case is also the same in the printing world, there were many ways of making prints on shirts in the past, some people make use of the screen printing method while some people also make use of the direct heat printing method. However, there is another method brought by the advancement of technology that really makes printing on shirts easier and faster known as the Direct to garment method also known as DTG printing.

DTG printing is the process of printing on textiles with the use of the DTG printer, this method can be used to carry out complex and detailed designs,  this mode of printing can be so effective and has so many advantages that we would look at further as we go on in this article.

Why Direct To Garment Printing Is Preferred Than All Other Types Of Printing

  • Speed:The printer is known for its speed and that is one of its main attributes, it can be used to print on multiple shirts in a short period of time. While other garments require you to put a lot of instruments together, the DTG machine saves time as all that is needed is just the printer, garment and the ink. Speed is one of the strengths of production as output and revenue will increase respectively if more products are produced within a limited time frame.
  • Easy To Operate: With the advancement of technology, the new dtg printer is so easy to use and does not require any technical know-how or any knowledge of technology to operate. The printer used is so similar to the everyday printer we all know, therefore operating on the dtg printer can be done by anyone.
  • Easily Handle Complex Design:The dtg printing has made it easy for complex and detailed designs to be carried out with ease. The design that is to be printed on the cloth after being drawn in the system will replicate the exact same design on the cloth. This feature makes people so interested in the new technology that is used to print.
  • Quality:The direct to garment printing also adds quality production to its set of amazing features, with other methods there are complaints of it not being of quality and the designs peeling after being washed. This is not the case of DTG printing, the quality it gives is second to none which has been the same over the years.
  • Minimizes Wastage:The machine used to print in dtg printing is automated, and prints directly to the garment. Therefore there is occurence of ink being wasted or any other material being wasted. This advantage helps people who print shirts as a business to cut down their cost and make more revenue.


Having the right machine is so important when it comes to production, it eases the work and also increases output at the same time, with that in mind and the benefits listed above in this article we can see the reason why direct to garment printing is preferred to other types of printing methods.


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