How To Save Water Using Your Grandfalls Pressure Washer


The Grandfalls pressure washer uses a linear outlet structure. The structure rotates internally, thus reducing flow and pressure loss. Furthermore, it maximizes GPM and pressure while the cleaning process is underway. It also has a retractable hose reel that is perfect for mobility. It means that you can easily wind and unwind its hose.

Furthermore, the pressure washer is popular for its water-saving ability. The more water you save, the more water bill you get to save. You can also undertake measures to save water using the machine. Here are some of the top methods.

1. High-speed cleaning with the Grandfalls pressure washer

There is a direct correlation between cleaning speed and water-saving ability. Furthermore, the pressure washer does the cleaning jobs quickly and easily. The higher the speed you take to complete a cleaning job, the more water you get to save.

2. Using the machine’s high pressure

The Grandfalls pressure washer has a PSI of about 2200. The PSI is sufficient to blast away debris, grease, and grime on any surface. When you use high pressure to clean surfaces, you decrease the gallons of water needed per minute. Thus, you get to save water. The Grandfalls pressure washing machine can ensure you save about 70% of water in each cleaning job.

3. Utilizing the Grandfalls pressure washer, low GPM

The less the GPM you use, the more water you get to save. A garden hose can use a GPM of up to 10 gallons a minute. But the pressure washer can use a GPM of between two and five. Thus, if you use the pressure washer, you are bound to save water. Furthermore, if you combine a low GPM and high pressure, you will complete your cleaning quickly. Thus, saving more water.

4. Consider using hot or warm water

Warm or hot water can limit the amount of time for cleaning. For instance, it is easy to remove grime and grease from surfaces using hot water. It will take you almost half the amount to complete the cleaning task if you use hot water compared to a cold one. The faster you finish your task, the higher the chance of saving water.

5. Repair any water leaks present in your Grandfalls pressure washer

Water leaks can cause you to lose water, thus a high water bill. If you want to save the pressure washer’s water consumption, ensure to troubleshoot your machine. If there are any leaks, make sure to repair them. Also, in cases of a worn-out hose, you can choose to replace it to increase efficiency levels.

6. Turn the water supply off while moving from one section to another

Another simple way you can save water using your machine is by turning the water supply off. If you want to move from one section to another, you do not need to have your water flowing. You can turn the tap off then turn it on when ready to clean the next section.


Water bills can be taxing to most. Furthermore, there are several cases of inadequate water supply in most countries. Thus, the Grandfalls pressure washer’s water-saving abilities are essential. The above factors can help guide you in saving water.


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