Amazing Ways To Print A T-shirt


T-shirts have always been one of the most commonly used wears in everybody’s wardrobe as it is being worn by both genders and is preferred by most people because of the ease it provides when you wear them. This type of clothing has also been known to serve both as a casual dress and even as a uniform. As we all know, T-shirts are traditionally short-sleeved round necks and are commonly made with stretchy fabrics, but in recent times there have been developments in the production of T-shirts. It now comes in different styles and designs, but one of the most notable and common features it comes with now is the printing of characters and designs on T-shirts.

Printing on T-shirts is now a trendy fashion that makes people look more unique. A lot of people prefer this new feature of clothing because people have specific designs, they like that cant be gotten in stores. Furthermore, printed T-shirts are picked because they look more modern as their designs are extracted from the computer and are usually made by professional graphic designers. Many of us have ideas of crafts we want to explore on T-shirts, but we don’t know how to; that’s why in this article, we will be going through various ways our designs can be expressed on the T-shirt.

Ways Of Printing On a T-shirt

  • Screen Printing:This method, also known as silkscreen printing, is one of the oldest printing methods on shirts. Professionals mostly use this method because they are sure of good results after following the process. This method is done by using a stencil and mesh. A particular clean area on the mesh is painted and left to dry, then the design that we desired is placed on the mesh, and then the stencil is placed. Afterward, ink is applied all over a glass placed on the stencil, and then the design is replicated on the shirt. People prefer this method because it is high quality, durable, and great for large quantities.
  • Direct to garment technique:This is the most popular method used by many creative designers and people who would like to experiment with different designs on shirts. Many complex designs can be done with this method as it’s similar to paper printing; however, in this method, you’ll have to make use of your t shirt maker machine are already created on the system and stored, then the shirt is placed into the machine and the printer applies ink on the dress and it gives a good output. However, for this method a dark shirt is not advised because the ink is thin and it wont look good on darker shirts.
  • Heat Press Printing:This method is known to be one of the easiest methods of printing on shirts. It can be used to replicate complex designs but most suitable for smaller quantities of shirts. This method is carried out by getting the design of your choice on a transfer paper, then heat and pressure is applied to replicate the design on the transfer paper to the shirt. This process is mostly used in homes because it is economical.


We can all make prints on our shirts and look good in them or commercialize the service to earn income for ourselves. These simple methods that have been explained in this article will surely help us in printing our t-shirts by ourselves.


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