5 Interesting Facts About an All in One Pressure Washer


You can never run out of choices when looking for a pressure washer machine to help clean your home. A pressure washer makes the work easier and even more perfect. There are different varieties to choose between pressure washers available in the market. The all in one pressure washer is fascinating and worth every penny, just like a few other different types of pressure washing machines. What’s so fascinating about this pressure washer?

Get to know the most interesting things about all in one pressure washer

You are probably wondering what is unique with the machine that makes it stand out. Or why you should spend more money to purchase it. As highlighted in this article, these facts can make you immediately buy an all in one pressure washer. Here we go!

180 degrees swivel bracket

You can comfortably move around with the hose as the bracket can rotate up to 180 degrees while the machine is mounted on a wall. Most pressure washers have their brackets only rotating at 140 degrees. Working with this pressure washer is smoother than any other machine. It’s a big advantage if you have a massive backyard. You will reach all those dirty corners without much struggle.

Four interchangeable nozzles

Cleaning a wooden surface does not require the same pressure as cleaning a concrete floor. Unlike others with a three-mode nozzle, a fourth nozzle makes it superior and improves your cleaning efficiency. The nozzles also help in controlling the pressure according to cleaning instructions. That tells you that this machine will clean all the surfaces in your home. You only need to match the task with the right pressure to avoid damage.

It is the safest to use

The machine is fitted with a total stop system that completely switches off the motor when not in use. It prevents the machine from overheating, thus reducing the wearing of the motor. This safe action is also critical in increasing the lifespan of the machine. The feature also saves you time and money. Your machine stops working immediately you pause.

Higher pressure

This machine is powered by a 1400w motor capable of producing high pressure that effectively cleans any surface. The combination of high pressure and low GPM makes your cleaning even more economical. Just because it generates high pressure doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay a lot for power. The pressure washer is quite economical for domestic use.

Longer lifespan

The machine’s durability has been extended 400 times more than ordinary machines. The latest ceramic technology used in making the layering system gives the machine a longer life. Therefore, you can be sure to be using the machine for as long as you live with a minimum number of mechanical hitches if you prioritize maintenance.

Get value for your money with this machine

An all in one pressure washer is quite affordable, though slightly higher in price than the traditional pressure washing machines. That, however, should not discourage anyone from purchasing the machine. It gives you value for your money. You can be assured of better services, minimum visits to the mechanic, and efficiency.


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