1$ toys: How to Buy Toys on a Budget


You’ve probably been in and out of numerous stores looking for $1 toys or less for your kids and it’s becoming exhausting. Kids must have toys to keep them occupied when you are busy and can’t play with them. Sometimes, toys can be really expensive and you’re not willing to spend so much on just toys. Here are some tips to buy toys on a budget:

Don’t buy too much at once

Buying too many toys at once can be costly. After all, a child can only play with one toy at a time. Consider buying just a few toys at a time so that you’re not spending too much on toys.

Sell old toys

As your kids outgrow their old toys, consider reselling them to parents with younger kids that need them. That way, you can use the money from selling the old toys for new ones without affecting your budget.

Buy from discount stores

There are so many discount stores that you can buy toys for your kids from to save money on all those expensive and overpriced toys. Consider doing your toy shopping in those stores. You could also do your toy shopping when toy shops are on sale so that you can get the toys for cheaper prices.

You can rotate the toys

Another way to save money on toys is by rotating them. You could get your kids to rotate their toys with their friends or cousins once in a while so that they get the experience of new toys and don’t get bored with the old ones too fast. Meet with other parents and come to an agreement on the terms of the rotation, it’ll save all of you a lot of money.

Some $1 toys you can buy for your kids

If you’re thinking of cheap toy options for your kids, here’s a list of $1 toys you can buy.

Pastel magic cube

The color cube is a classic and it won’t hurt to teach your kids problem-solving from a young age. Consider getting one for your kids and what’s more, it costs less than a dollar. The cube is made with ABS and only weighs 90 grams. The cube is 5.7 by 5.7cm in size and is available in several color combinations.

Dinosaur capsule surprise eggs

These are usually available as candy promotion toys. The capsule surprise eggs usually feature miniature dinosaurs in the egg capsules. They are available in several colors and will be good fun for your kids.

Rubber band gun shooting pistol

The plastic pistol comes with a keychain and 60 pieces of rubber rings. It is available in different colors and would be great for a boy-themed children’s party. The pistol comes in different colors.


Buying toys doesn’t have to be so expensive anymore, whether you’re just buying some new toys for your kids or you’re thinking of some ideas for a kid’s party. You could look up more $1 toys that suit the theme of your child’s party to save yourself some money during your toy shopping.


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